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Designed for you- Unique - One of a Kind - truelly exciting

Do you want something completely new and original? Something unique to your event? Zane and Degge are experts at creating custom built entertainment to suit themes, vibes and ideas! Whether it is evil butterflies, a cricket show, mad scientists or two tourists dressed as a zebra... Zane and Degge have probably done it... and if they haven't they would love to.

If you have an idea, feel free to bounce it back and forth. It can be as big as a huge showcase including other performers and as small as costume colours, as interesting as roving characters or as out there as... well anything. They can cater their skills and comedy to suit your brand, your event, your products, and your ideas!


A late notice bespoke performance for a halloween show...

"Zane and Degge are, well Zane and Degge!"

- KJ Smith, Wellington City Council