Header Image of Zane and Degge


Spectacular- big things come in tiny packages - its got everything

This show is like the "Zane and Degge Street Show" but on steroids. Add "Imogen Stone..." another incredibly talented performer and a portable aerial rig and you get a show that includes, juggling, acrobatics, circus aerials, comedy and more. Jam packed with circus skills onto a tiny and incredibly portable aerial rig (it can go up pretty much anywhere) this truly is the biggest little circus show.

The show is big! and bold! and loud! and funny! Everything you could want. Going from amazement to hilarity in a blink of an eye it will engage an audience of any age. With a whole lot of audience interaction and kiwi charm it is a show everyone will love.

Check out Imogen's website Here!

"They created a buzz that was so vibrant and colourful!"

- Steph Godsif, Blah Blah Marketing

"They put on an excellent, professional show and were able to work in a challenging location without difficulty"

- Anthea Armstrong, Upper Hutt City Council