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Come on a journey- Mesmerising - man eating couch - bizarre

An hour long theatre show will bend minds and inspire! "Zane and Degge" again teaming up with the talented "Imogen Stone" deliver a fabulous unspoken performance unlike any other. The bizarre and highly skilled show invites the audience on a journey into space and through the world of modern circus, as only these three imaginations can create. It is a super physical & highly entertaining performance including everything from aerial silk, juggling clubs, to a living lamp and a transforming couch.

How To Universe is an uplifting and skilful show where the audience will laugh at the comedy, applaud at the spectacular circus skills, but also think about the bigger ideas the show suggests. The show is a journey into space and the audience will choose to suspend their disbelief and join the performers. The final moments of the show symbolise gazing up at the stars remembering how vast the universe really is.

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SELL OUT 2014 and 2015 wellington seasons!


A short teaser of the sell out show

"A unique concept that has something for everyone"

- Amy Tait, Theatreview

"a quirky universe that defies the laws of physics. "

- Jhon Smythe, Theatreview

"as funny as it is captivating"

- Amy Tait, Theatreview